Three Assignments

  1. Live Tweeting historical events – After hearing from Tim about the timeline and mapping tools, I was even more excited about this idea. Just coming up with Live Tweets would be boring – unless we put them somewhere. The timeline would be a really smooth and easy-to-arrange way to get the tweets in order, but I think the mapping tool would be even better because you could have different tweets from different areas that might have been influenced/impacted by the historical event.
  2. Now that I heard about the timeline/maps tools and also the MediaHub where all our videos can go, I think that developing a radio broadcast and/or news anchor interview would be really awesome. First of all, you could use the green screen for some of that which is awesome, but you could also post those videos on your map, along with other information.
  3. I also still really love the idea of a propaganda campaign…that could use just about any technology resource we have, depending on what we want to do….posters, articles in newspapers, videos, etc. This assignment can really be open ended and up to the group/class about which direction we want to take.