Final Project


For our final project, we decided to focus on online databases and primary/secondary sources and how with the creation of online databases, access to both primary and secondary sources have increased.

We chose to interview Dr. Poska, American Studies/History and Gender Studies professor at UMW, in order to get her opinion on using online databases during her own research. I got in contact with Dr. Poska to arrange the┬áinterview, and Amy, Carla and I all met to sit in the interview. I had previously sent Dr. Poska the questions I wanted to ask, and even though some of our questions were no longer relevant as we had changed our topic slightly, I felt like we still got good information and clips to use for our documentary; Dr. Poska had lots of personal experience with researching with and without online databases. (We also got information that was interesting to hear, even if it didn’t fit into what we needed)

After we had completed the interview, we all got together to put the documentary together. Amy was in charge of actually making the documentary, Carla recorded voice-overs, and we all searched for music and decided on the order of the presentation of our information.